Bobby Brown

Fort Worth, TX

Bobby Brown’s racing experience has spanned over 30 years of high-speed exhilarating competition and continues today. His passion began at an early age with go-karts in Flint, Michigan and grew with him resulting in a racing career spanning multiple professional racing series and classes.

Bobby’s passion for racing, fueled by his skills as a driver, engineer and marketer awarded him factory programs with Pontiac, Buick, Chevrolet, Oldsmobile and Nissan. His racing career brought him to IMSA’s famed Champion Spark Plug Challenge, Camel GTP, Exxon WSC series along with SCCA’s Trans Am and HSR & VSRA Ferrari and Lola’s. He attributes his success in racing to his hard work in testing, practicing and performing on the track.

Currently residing in Fort Worth, Texas, Bobby continues to follow his passion and can be found still looking for that perfect lap.

Bobby Brown testing a Ferrari 333sp.jpg

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