Bruce R. McCaw

Bellevue WA

Noted team owner, collector and supporter of motorsports. Joined SCCA in ’63 to compete in regional rallies. Winner 12-Hour rally NW…unequipped class. Began road racing in ’67 at Westwood, Canada. In ’68…Regional races in PNW in Austin Healy Sprite H-Production. Obtained ICSCC International and SCCA Regional license. In ’69-’73, SCCA and Conference races, and ARRC ’70. SCCA National competition license, Elva Mark 7 C S/R. ’73-’77…Race driving instructor ICSCC & SCCA. ’78-present…vintage and historic racing. Co-founder, SOVERN & IRDC. Raced a wide variety of significant historic cars at U.S., U.K. and New Zealand tracks. Took Best in Show honors at Pebble Beach in 2017. Co-Chair of Apex Foundation and Chairman Emeritus of Pistol Creek Company. Co-Founder and Director of McCaw Cellular Communications, Inc. He currently serves as Board Member of Behind the Badge Foundation, Seattle Opera, Congressional Medal of Honor Foundation, and National Air and Space Museum. He has been a pilot for more than 40 years, holding commercial and instrument ratings. In ’07, he was awarded the Washington Policy Center Stanley O. McNaughton Champion of Freedom Award and the Woodrow Wilson Award and the Behind the Badge Law Enforcement Citizen of the Year Award in ’09. Former Director of Alaska Air Group and Championship Auto Racing Teams, and Founder and CEO of PacWest Racing and subsidiaries.

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