Burdette H. Martin

Northfield IL
Member, Memoriam

Burdie began his career in hot rod racing in 1946 and went on to compete in midgets on the dirt ovals and in hydroplane races. In 1950, however, he began a long association with the Sports Car Club of America as a road racer. He then became active as an official with the SCCA and in 1965 became the organization’s chief steward. Four years later he was elected head of the SCCA Chicago region and was give the club’s highest award, the Wolf Barnato Trophy. In the early 1970s he served as chief steward for Trans-Am, Can-Am, Super-Vee and North American F1 races. By 1974 he was assistant director of the SCCA’s racing department. In 1983 he was appointed head of ACCUS, the sporting authority of the United States, and became America’s delegate to the FISA Executive Committee. He later served as a Vice President of the FIA. Martin was a 2010 inductee into the SCCA Hall of Fame.

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