Chris Locke

San Francisco CA

Chris has had a passion for racing, sports cars and all things motorsport his entire life.From go-karts in his youth, Chris moved on to a variety of sports cars as a teenager and, for the past 25 years has been engaged in historic racing throughout North America and Europe.His cars include an ex-Andretti Lotus 77 Formula 1 car, and he has been entrusted by the Chapman family to drive its ex-Jim Clark Tasman-winning 32B and ex-Peterson ground-effects Lotus 79.Chris has received HGP’s KONI Heritage Award, HGPCA’s Driver of the Day Awards, CSRG’s Jack McKee Award and Carter Alexander Cup, and Best Presentation and Performance awards at both the Monterey Historic and Wine Country Classic races.He is also a major supporter of Team USA Scholarship.

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