Douglas Mockett

Manhattan Beach CA

Doug attended his first race, a New Jersey board track event, in 1949 at age nine but didn’t become involved in the business until he was out of high school and began crewing for a neighbor…Mark Donohue … Mark went one way in racing while Doug went another…working with Westinghouse Broadcasting on its race broadcasts … He then turned to motorcycles from the promotion side … The American Motorcyclist Assn., named Doug its Commissioner in 1977, but he eventually left racing and went into business making furniture components … He bought his first vintage F-1 car…a Cooper…in 1997, and added two more … He’s raced in Historic and Vintage events from New Zealand to Monaco to South Africa with many wins … He now provides his stable of F-1 cars to young American drivers to showcase their skills to a new audience of potential sponsors, and has been a significant supporter of the development of young American road racers.

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