Howard Liebengood, Jr.

Vienna, VA
Member, Memoriam

Howie Liebengood, Jr., was a talented racer from the Washington, DC, area, cutting his teeth in Spec Racer Ford in the late 1980s, graduating to Shelby Can-Am, USF2000 and Formula Atlantic. In 2000, Liebengood won the Motorola Cup ST championship, his co-driver Andy Lally missed one race and finished runner-up. He followed his late father into the U.S. Capitol Police force in 2005; and after a long hiatus, the personable Liebengood began competing again in SVRA events, driving an old Shelby Can-Am car He served at the Capitol until his tragic death in 2021 following the domestic terrorist attacks on Jan. 6 and died by suicide after several days of sleep deprivation and nonstop work protecting an institution that meant so much to him.

Liebengood’s widow, Dr. Serena McClam Liebengood, has established the Howie Liebengood Memorial Scholarship Endowment to honor his memory and support one or more annual scholarships for students enrolled in Purdue’s College of Liberal Arts. Reflecting Howie Liebengood’s own personal values, recipients of the scholarship will be chosen based on their demonstrated honesty and integrity, as well as their outstanding personal character and strong moral fiber.

Liebengood has received numerous honors, both during his remarkable life and posthumously. Click here to read the entire Howie Liebengood Memorial Scholarship Endowment citation.

To make a gift in memory of Howie Liebengood, please click here.

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