John Heinricy

Holly MI

Since John Heinricy is the retired Director of High-Performance Vehicles for General Motors, it is no surprise that 249 of his 250 professional road races were in cars powered by GM engines … In fact, a General Motors V-8 engine powered all but three of the cars he has ever raced … John remains a living legend to Corvette owners around the world for his career’s development of the car they love so much, and his success racing them … Along with eternal co-driver and fellow RRDC member Don Knowles, the duo became the most dominant Street Stock endurance racing team in American history … has nine wins in 32 24-hour Street Stock races … member of a team of Corvette ZR-1 drivers who, in 1990, set three world land speed records and nine FIA international speed records at Ft. Stockton, Texas … over 40 professional racing wins in 7 series … 1989 IMSA Firestone Firehawk and SCCA Escort Endurance championships in the same year for different teams …1996-97 IMSA Endurance Champion in Pontiac Firebirds, winning the ’97 title on the last lap of the season … ultra-successful in SCCA Club Racing, too, where his 11 wins are the highest wins-to-starts percentage of any competitor … He and a fleet of General Motors-based race cars have been the all-time dominant force in the Runoffs Touring 1 class, winning the National Championship in 2001-02-03-04-05, the GT-1 National Championship in 1993, the American Sedan title in 2003-04-05-06, and Showroom Stock C in 2007 … so dedicated to racing that his 1993 marriage to his wife, Rita, took place in the Sebring paddock.

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