R.W. “Kas” Kastner

Oceanside CA
Member, Memoriam

Vowing to never be beaten by equipment, R. W. “Kas” Kastner literally not only wrote the books on how to win races and championships with Triumph race cars, but ran the Triumph Competition Department as its manager from 1960 to 1972 … before that he raced a Triumph TR-3 to an SCCA California Sports Car Club championship … As an independent engineer, he designed and built performance parts for many kinds of race cars, and even managed race teams … In 1986 he took on the task of making Nissan the force that Triumph had once been, only on a larger scale … he began as Motorsports national manager for Nissan North America then moved on to be Vice President of Operations for Nissan Performance Technology during the height of they IMSA GTP program, with a staff of 225 under him … Kas served on the SCCA’s Cal Club’s Board of Governors, authored the top tech story of 1963 in the SCCA’s member magazine, and in 1964 headed the club’s driver training program.

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