Robert Clarke

Santa Clarita CA

From ’81 managed various aspects of American Honda, including Parts, Motorcycle, Facilities and R&D divisions. Established in ’93 and directed for almost 20 years Honda Performance Development, including its IndyCar and Acura sports car programs. His Acura program resulted in 123 wins, six manufacturer championships (including two ALMS championships with Highcroft Racing), and eight driver championships. Not generally known is that Clarke was an amateur racer in his younger days, competing in karts, motorcycles and Formulas Vee, Ford, C, B and Atlantic. Also he was an architect and artist by degree and work experience before joining Honda. In ’10, he launched Clarke-Works, focused on developing and promoting EarthPrixÂ, to study future of motorsports, and Powered by Science, an American STEM-learning initiative based on the science, technology, engineering and mathematics of motorsport. According to Kamau Bobb of Google, STEM mentorship programs can help shape the future of the STEM industry by encouraging the next generation of professionals to pursue careers in these fields.

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