Steve Matchett

Charlotte NC

Working with David Hobbs, Steve has been the technical voice of Formula 1 telecasts in the U.S. since late ’00, with Speedvision, SPEED and now NBC Sports. His insights are fruit of the close relationships he’s maintained over the years with F1 engineers and mechanics. He was hired in ’90 as a mechanic at Benetton F1 where he worked for the next eight years, rising through the ranks to become Johnny Herbert’s chief mechanic and winning the ’95 British and Italian Grands Prix with Herbert. He also served as Benetton’s rear jackman until a back injury in ’98 forced his retirement. He has penned a trilogy of semi-autobiographical books on being an F1 mechanic and team member. He was technical editor for F1 Racing for a dozen years and hosted several shows on SPEED including Formula 1 Decade and RPM…Racing Per Matchett.

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