Terry “Piggy” Malone

Sandpoint, ID

Teen-age Hot Rodder (1955-59) in Southern California in a ‘34 Ford Victoria (5-window) with ‘48 Mercury Flathead; in 1959-1963, Flight engineer with the US Air Force – also raced a ’58 MGA Twin Cam in Club events in the Panama Canal Zone; in 1963-1967, Flight Test Mechanic flying new DC-8 and DC-9 aircraft at McDonnell-Douglas Aircraft in Long Beach, CA; In 1967-1975, mechanic for Dan Gurney and Bobby Unser at Dan Gurney’s All American Racers; In 1975-1979, mechanic for Mario Andretti at F1 Team Lotus; In 1980-1984, a continuing association with Team Lotus for six months each year and the other six in the Antarctic program as the Airport Site Manager at McMurdo Station Antarctica for the National Science Foundation; In 1984-2011, because of relationship with Mario and a 40-year friendship with Paul Newman, was able to help out at several IndyCar events a year.

Malone with the brand-new Lotus 88 for its initial testing at Riverside before the 1981 Formula 1 season. Others include test driver Elio d’Angelis, Team Manager Peter Collins, aerodynamicist Peter Wright, engineer Nigel Stepney and mechanic Geoff Hardacre. [Team Lotus image]

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