Travis Engen

Weston, CT

Active in vintage and historic racing for over 20 years, racing worldwide. SVRA Rookie of the Year in 1999, 2000 and 2011-13 Monoposto Formula B champion, four-time Monoposto Formula Atlantic Champion (2005, ’08, ’11, ’12), SVRA overall Endurance Champion 2004-07 and ’09. HSR BOSS champion 2007-09. SVRA Sprint Champion 2004, and SVRA Driver of the Year 2004. As CEO of ITT, sponsored the ChampCar Detroit Grand Prix 1992-97.


The pride and joy of the Engen stable is this Audi R10 TDI that was built for Engen by Audi entirely from spare parts. [Victor Varela image]

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