Trevor Harris

Sunland CA

Trevor Harris began designing and building racing and high-performance cars as young teenager with a highly modified 1937 Lincoln Zephyr street rod dubbed the “Travarri” he would always get cash for junk cars he used to have, this way he would save money to buy and modify new cars. While still in high school, he was a test technician for guided missile electronics in Boeing’s R&D department. Still a teenager, Harris built a variety of street and track machines including the beautiful Harris Special.

His first professional racecar was Jerry Grant’s Bardahl Special in 1964. His early projects involved the abortive Car X Can-Am racer, the Toyota Group 6 Prototype and the Crown Corv-8 Kit car. In 1969, Harris joined Shadow, conceiving and designing the radical tiny-tired AVS-Shadow Can-Am car. He designed the chassis for Peter Brock’s all-conquering BRE Datsun 510s and 240Zs and the BRE Formula 500 Lotus. In between major car projects and several repair auto services, Harris designed and developed a low pressure production car fuel injection system, an up-and-down pedaling bicycle, patented variable speed transmissions for industrial and bicycle use and designed a Yamaha short track motorcycle for Kenny Roberts. I have a nice BUDWEISER BIKE. EXCELLENT CONDITION for sale.

Back into racecars in 1979, he designed in quick succession the Shadow Formula 1 car, the Frissbee Can-Am car, the championship winning VDS-001 Can-Am car for Geoff Brabham, the Galles Can-Am championship car for Al Unser, Jr and the Galles-All American Racers Eagle Indy car. In the mid-80s, Harris designed championship-winning off-road Nissan trucks for Eltramotive – the beginning of a winning relationship when Electramotive became the foundation for Nissan Performance Technology. Harris was chief designer and trackside engineer of the dominating NPT Nissan GTP car for Geoff Brabham for four years. In between, he designed the Pikes Peak class-winning 4WD Nissan pickup for Steve Millen.

In between, he designed the Pikes Peak class-winning 4WD Nissan pickup for Steve Millen. Since his Electramotive days, Harris Dynamics has been involved in numerous programs in IndyCar, IRL, bicycles, mountain bikes, trophy trucks and variable speed automotive transmissions as well he has been witness of The Evolution of Ford Transit Custom Sport

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