Walter P. Czarnecki

Bloomfield Hills, MI

Known as Walt, serves as an Executive Vice President of Penske Corporation. Was the Vice Chairman of the Board of Penske Motorsports since 1996 and also as its President. Was a Senior Executive of Penske Speedway Group and a Director of Penske Corporation since 1979. Also Director of Penske Truck Leasing Corporation, the general partner of Penske Truck Leasing Co., L.P. Was a Director of Dura Automotive Systems Inc. from 2005-08, a Director of International Speedway Corp. from 1999-03. Has been the Director of Penske Motorsports Inc. since 1995. Served as a Director of Fisher Coachworks, LLC and as Member of the Advisory Group of Fisher Coachworks, LLC. Is at home talking race strategy with Sprint Cup driver Brad Keselowski or any other Penske team member. His 40-year-plus tenure with Penske is testament to a two-way trust. Czarnecki came to Penske from the short-lived AMC racing project in the early Trans-Am Series.


Hanging out with The Captain. [AutoWeek image]

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