The Evening with Brian Redman presented by Firestone at Long Beach last week was an unqualified success. RRDC president Bobby Rahal conducted the much anticipated chat with Redman which is now posted on You-tube for your viewing pleasure. Sam Posey’s marvelous video overview of Redman’s career provides the introduction.

400-redman front page

Brian Redman delights host Bobby Rahal and an appreciative audience at Long Beach.

Rahal doing his best impersonation of David Letterman complete with index cards that he briefly thought about tossing offered the seeds that sprouted into one Redman story after another. As fine a raconteur as he is a race driver, Brian delighted the gathering with yarns of derring-do and in some cases don’t. Even the serious ones – like nearly dying at St. Jovite – were tinged with irony.

Redman video composite

Enough set-up. Watch the video.

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