Say these names aloud: Dan Gurney, Parnelli Jones, Roger Penske, Jim Hall, Brian Redman – and then add Mario Andretti. You’re among the men now.

2014 RRDC Legends Banquet Honoree - Mario Andretti [Indianapolis Motor Speedway Archive image]

2014 RRDC Legends Banquet Honoree – Mario Andretti [Indianapolis Motor Speedway Archive image]

At the RRDC Legends Banquet, mere mortals get to hear racing’s mythic giants spin anecdotes, confess prejudices, share opinions and tell untold stories. And every year, on the Thursday before the Toyota GP of Long Beach, today’s champions and yesterday’s heroes pack the hall to listen.

With Mario as the 2014 honoree, the banquet goes from strength to strength. Mario on Chapman, Mario on the Indy 500, Mario on dirt versus asphalt, Mario on surviving an international racing schedule that was a human game of squash and Mario reviewing a career so packed with insider stories that his candor will knock your helmet into the creek.

If you’ve attended any of these celebrations, then you already know why this RRDC evening has become motor sports’ premier social highlight. So, please, treat my note as a fatherly reminder to eat your vegetables, sit up straight and order your damned tickets today. And if you were asleep for the first five banquets – man, this is the one you won’t want to miss.


Because your guests, race crew members and gear head pals will spend the rest of their lives bragging that “I was right there with Mario Andretti when he looked at me and said…” Snicker not; you’ll do it, too.


Reserve now ( for the Andretti Celebratory Banquet on April 10 at the Long Beach Beach Hilton: $200 per ticket and $175 for paid-up members. Make checks out to the “RRDC c/o John Fergus” and mail to:

The Fergus Companies
8377 Green Meadows Drive
Lewis Center, OH 43035

Reservations are mandatory but payment by cash or check will be accepted at the door – plus a $25 back-marker fee.

Cocktails, mingling and more cocktails will commence at 6:00 pm with dinner at 7:15. Since we’re sensitive to drivers who have an early practice, my interview with Mario will be finished by 9:30.

I look forward to seeing you there!
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