FOR MEMBERS ONLY: 2015 RRDC Daytona Dinner; Elford to Receive Phil Hill Award

Quick Vic, Slick Pick

2015 RRDC Daytona Dinner

Vic Elford to Receive Phil HIll Award

There once was a driver named Vic
With an awesome motor sports schtick
He’d turn up the wick
To make every pass stick
And rarely step on his … brakes


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Memo to Drivers: If you are RRDC and reading this message, you’re good. Really good. But you’re not Vic Elford good and I am talking to you, big guy. I’ve read the RRDC bio propaganda so I know all about your IMSA/Indy heroics, your SCCA podiums, your Euro posturing and even your opposable thumbs, but allow me to help you acquire humility.

Does your CV include a 1968 Monte Carlo Rally OA win in a Porsche 911 and then another OA at the Rolex 24 in a 907 — one week later? Surely, you can match this trifecta of wins: Targa Florio (1968), Sebring (1971), Nurburgring (six, including the 1000 in 1968, 1970 and 1971). No? Then perhaps Vic’s lap records: Targa Florio, Daytona, Monza, Sebring, Nurburgring, Norisring, Buenos Aires, Road Atlanta, Laguna Seca, Riverside and Le Mans.

Le Mans? Vic was the first to average 150 MPH (in 1970) and was awarded the Chevalier of the National Order of Merit from President Georges Pompidou for stopping (in 1972) to rip open the door of a burning Ferrari in case the driver hadn’t escaped. Then there were his many top tier results in Formula 1, Can-Am, Trans-Am, NASCAR and even off road …

No worries, Trilby, humility is nothing to be embarrassed about. Vic Elford was just that good, and he had very few peers. Vic’s heard about you, too — honestly. In fact, he’s coming to Daytona just to meet you and maybe get your autograph. Do not disappoint him!

Memo to all attendees: Celebrate a fabulous evening among racers. Vicki O’Connor has reserved the Daytona 500 Club for us with parking, baby. Daytona’s marshals will wave you inside as if you were Roger Penske (oh, and you, too, Roger.) The Reservation Form is a must, whether paying by check or at the door.

Vic Elford, RRDC member, will receive the Phil Hill Award for his lifetime of racing brilliance. The Bob Akin Award will honor an exceptional RRDC sportsman and David Donohue will present the Mark Donohue Award to this year’s outstanding racer at the SCCA runoffs. All your old competitors will be there: defend your reputation!

We dine at 7:30 PM but pole position for those comforting adult restoratives will be at 5:00:0001 PM, sharp. Team managers may be assured that the program will end by 9:30 allowing all 2015 Rolex 24 At Daytona drivers and crews to meet their curfews.

As to you vets, well, “keep your motors running” — preferably without defibrillation.

Bobby Rahal

Reserve NOW for the RRDC Dinner
January 21, the Wednesday before the 2015 Rolex 24 At Daytona. To obtain a form, members should send an email request to

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