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Hi Folks! Yeah, I am doing so much better now! Ever since the events down in Austin, Tx in November, I must thank the doctors at St. David’s for finally fixing the problems with my heart! I have been steadily getting a lot of my strength back and though I am still not working out to the level I did, it is moving forward.

In the last month I have had eye surgery to remove cataracts and have new lenses installed in my eyes! All went well and I now have 20/20 vision without glasses…….Yea!! It feels great, just pray it stays for the rest of my life?? LOL What has been holding me back is my right knee! Years ago I had a motorcycle accident and broke my right leg and tore the ligaments (ACL) in that knee. Many years later (while at Holbert Racing) during the racket ball era, I tore cartilage in that same knee and the doctor removed it. He warned I would have an arthritic knee but, I had no clue what that might mean. So recently I went to an Orthopedic doctor to have it checked out. The pain can be fairly high at times and restricts my ability to walk or excise properly. I know know what arthritic means now. I have bone on bone in that knee. I have seen the x-rays and it’s rather ugly and I understand why I am so bowed legged now! LOL

So, next for me (hopefully the off season in 2021) I will have paid off all my medical bills to have knew replacement surgery on my right leg. My target time will be November of this year, so, I have time to be ready for the 2022 season???

As an aside, I have finally gotten an appointment to receive the Virus vaccination, March 17th!! I am cautiously looking for ward to that! So, maybe next year you will see a much better Doc Bundy?? Hahaaa!

Miss U all and look forward to seeing you at the races this year. Thanks for all your kind support; your contributions have made it possible to repair my body and get back to what I once was!!! Thanks so very much!

Love Ya’ll,

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