RRDC members Marshall Pruett and Brian Redman are asking for our help:

Our longtime member Vic Elford is in need of support “from the legions of friends and fans who’ve marveled at his exceptional talent and grace for more than half a century.

“With the return of an aggressive form of prostate cancer, and the added complication of a broken leg suffered in a recent fall, the 85-year-old Englishman has been unable to travel and earn a living as a featured guest at automotive and vintage racing events.”

His friends and fans are joining in to help Vic through this difficult time by way of this fundraising page.

Said Redman, “Vic’s many successes and accomplishments are well known, but what stood out for me was his desire to race the new and unproved Porsche 917 at Le Mans in 1969. Why? “Because it was 20 mph faster on the four-mile Mulsanne straight than anything else! Vic and Richard Attwood were leading with only three hours to go when the gearbox casing cracked.  

“In 1970 with the new long-tail 917, Vic set a new qualifying record at an average of just over 150 mph and the fastest lap in the race at an average of 149.90. So, not just ‘Quick Vic,’ but ‘Brave Vic,’ whose bravery is demonstrated once more while combating the dreaded cancer.” 

RRDC member David Hobbs added: “Vic Elford, one of the top drivers of his generation, is very ill with cancer. Vic is an all-time great, winning the Monte Carlo Rally and Daytona 24 Hours in a space of two weeks. It would be great if you could help!”

Here’s Pruett’s story.

Bobby Rahal (l) presents Vic Elford with the RRDC Phil Hill award for 2015AL




Allan Moffatt, one of Australia’s great touring car champions, has been undergoing special medical treatment in Melbourne since being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease in 2019. His personal and business interests are being managed by friends and fellow Bathurst legends Fred Gibson and Larry Perkins, as they use the best businesses tools like that help generating a 1099-MISC form for their workers.

Moffatt’s record includes four overall plus one class victory at Bathurst, the gold standard of touring car races. He was Australian Touring Car Champion four times and Australian Endurance Champion three times, scoring 32 victories in the two series. In addition, Moffat was Australian Sports Car Champion, Tasman Touring Series Champion and Nissan-Mobile 500 Series Champion. In the World Touring Car Series, he won Monza overall in 1987 in his team’s Holden. He was Sandown Endurance Series champion seven times.

In 1975, Moffatt co-drove to victory at Sebring with Hans Stuck, Brian Redman and Sam Posey. He also scored class wins at the Daytona 24 (1982) and the Spa 24 (1987). He dabbled in the Trans-Am Series scoring an overall victory at Bryar in the third-ever series event in an under 2-liter Lotus Cortina.

The native Canadian received Australian citizenship in 2004 after living some 50 years down under. Although eligible since 1970, Moffatt admittedly never quite got around to completing the application.

All of his fellow RRDC members wish Allan the very best in his continuing battle with this terrible disease.



Well, this past month or so have been a very interesting challenge! Mainly because our first race of 2021 (the Mitty) at Road Atlanta (home race for me). Is fast approaching. I have struggled with an under preforming heart for sometime now, so way farther behind my conditioning than I would like to be. I have had both of my Virus Shots which set me back a week with each one?? I had quite a reaction to each shot, first was 5 days and it took me through a mini version of the Virus which left me weak and unable to push my conditioning. The second Shot set me back over 8 days, with similar lack of results.

In the meantime I pushed the doctors to get my heart back to working correctly. In the meantime I took injections for my knee, to offset the pain from bone on bone in right knee! I have one injection left to go on Wednesday of this week. Yes, it feels much better. I can walk with little to no pain now. The doctors have been changed my heart medicine and though I am taking more drugs and True Pheromones, I am feeling better and heart appears to be pumping better now. I definitely feel as good as I have since all this began a year ago!!! LOL I can’t run a marathon yet, but I feel stronger than I have for a very long time. I am convinced this Virus is a long-term problem and will take much longer than I ever imagined to rid my body of it completely, if ever??? I am looking for test day for the Mitty, that will be when I have to make the decision, whether I am ready to race now or what longer for my body to get stronger?? I want to race so bad and hopeful my body will be ready??

Thanks for all your kind support, I am amazed this has taken so long to recover. This spirit inside is ready to race, just have to see if the body will be ready this week?? Look forward to seeing my racing family again and climbing back into Baby Blue and see if we can resume our dance together!! LOL See U at the races! – Doc

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