The RRDC’s SAFE Is Fast program ( needs your guidance and assistance.

Please help us find our next Presenting Partner by reaching out to your friends in motor sports and introducing by sharing our 2022 sponsorship pitch with them:

Over the last ten years, the RRDC’s Daytona and Long Beach banquets have featured films celebrating the club’s success in building into the most influential online driver development program in the world. The program’s tutorial videos receive 30,000 to 50,000 views the first day each new film is released. There are obvious Presenter benefits to gaining the loyalty of millions of kart, SIM and adult amateur racers when they are just getting started.

What will help us most are personal introductions to companies who know you and might consider us. If you simply prime the pump, we will take it from there.

These new presenters would join two distinguished racing supporters: the FIA that funded SIF’s launch and first next three years, and Honda America that stepped in for another five. As Honda’s John Mendel put it, “The RRDC is a leadership organization, is a leadership initiative, and Honda is a leadership automotive and motor sports racing company.” 

We are deeply grateful to the FIA and Honda but those relationships have run their natural course. needs a new leadership company to help promote our sport. 

A Presenting sponsorship is under $200,000 a year with participating sponsors represented for $50,000 a year. The funding flows through the Mark Donohue Foundation, a 501( C)(3) organization, providing charitable deductions to commercial and private contributors.

The attached PowerPoint presentation documents the invaluable time and expertise donated by nearly 300 championship drivers and industry luminaries who teach our tutorials and, together, constitute “The Faculty That Money Can’t Buy.” Now, they and we need your help in spreading their message and growing racing instruction that is free to all throughout the world.

Contacts needing further information can get in touch with me directly: Thank you for considering this critical request.

Jim Mullen, Executive Director,

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