DARTFORD, Kent, UK (October 20, 2023) – Three days of testing at the historic Brands Hatch Circuit are in the books. Now it’s time to go racing. For well over 50 drivers, including Team USA Scholarship representatives Ayrton Houk, 20, from McCordsville, Ind., and Jack Sullivan, 17, from Hamilton, Ohio, the 52nd annual BRSCC Formula Ford Festival officially kicks off on Saturday morning with qualifying for three 12-lap Heat races to set the grids for the Semi Final round on Sunday morning.

Ayrton Houk, 20, from McCordsville, Ind. (left), and Jack Sullivan, 17, from Hamilton, Ohio, to represent Team USA Scholarship at this weekend’s Formula Ford Festival at Brands Hatch. [Gary Hawkins Photography image]

Houk and Sullivan are following in some illustrious footsteps. The Team USA Scholarship is supported by a wide range of entities from the United States motorsports community, which has been providing opportunities for talented youngsters since 1990. Jimmy Vasser was the inaugural scholarship recipient, while reigning Indianapolis 500 champion Josef Newgarden was the first American to win the Formula Ford Festival – carrying Team USA’s distinctive patriotic colors – in 2008.

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“I am very excited to kick off the 2023 Formula Ford Festival tomorrow morning here at Brands Hatch,” said Houk, who finished third in this year’s FRP F1600 Championship Series in the U.S. “Coming off of three solid days of testing I am confident and ready to see how Jack and I stack up against the field in qualifying.

“The past three days have been a great experience running in full wet, damp, drying and full dry and really getting to understand how the balance of the car changes for each. The track itself looks simple from the outside; however, it is quite tricky to drive as each corner presents unique challenges. Altogether, I have had a amazing time testing at this historic track and cannot wait to get racing in the next couple of days.”

“Testing was great,” added Sullivan, who took third in the FRP series in a car entered and prepared by himself and his father. “It was awesome to finally get on track at Brands Hatch and it was great to have had three days to get adjusted. It was a bit difficult to find pace at first but finally in the very last session I was able to find a good rhythm. I’m super excited for qualifying and the heat race tomorrow after the great finish to our Friday.

“My initial impression of Brands Hatch was the elevation of Paddock Hill Bend and Hailwood Hill. I don’t think pictures really can capture how steep the hill really is. When I hit the compression at the bottom of the hill, I feel my eye lids and cheeks being pushed down by the G-forces. With the rain, it becomes a whole different animal with Surtees and Clearways having absolutely no grip and to be fast, you have to be on the very outside of Clearways, just inches from the gravel trap. This place is just incredible.”

Houk and Sullivan will drive a pair of Ray Formula Ford cars run by the Ammonite Motorsport team. They are joined this weekend by a strong U.S. contingent, including teammates Nolan Allaer, who after running for the entire season in the UK, recently returned home to score a fine victory in the SCCA National Championship Runoffs at VIRginia International Raceway, and Hugh Esterson, whose brother Max carried Team USA colors in 2021 and last year returned to score a proud victory in the Formula Ford Festival. In addition, Festival veteran Jeremy Fairbairn has shown strong pace during the latter part of the UK season, while FRP champion Porter Aiken and 16-year-old Isaac Canto da Silva also will be making their UK debuts.

Sullivan has been drawn in Heat One and will be first onto the track tomorrow at 9:00 a.m. for qualifying. His Heat race is set to start at 11:40 a.m. Houk will venture out for Heat Two qualifying at 9:50, with his race due to start immediately after the lunch break at 12:55. The schedule is subject to change. The events will be live streamed on the BRSCC’s YouTube channel, Live timing will be available at

Both Team USA cars carry a “TD3″ decal in recognition of long-time Road Racing Drivers Club member and five-time SCCA National Champion Tom Davey, who passed away earlier this week at age 81. A staunch advocate of Formula Ford and the Team USA Scholarship, Davey, an accomplished writer and filmmaker, directed and produced the entire library of videos – a free online resource originated by Davey and fellow RRDC member Jim Mullen which has benefited countless aspiring racing champions over the past 12 years.

About Team USA Scholarship:
The program has been providing opportunities for talented American race car drivers at an early stage in their careers since 1990. Supporters include AERO ™ Sustainable Paint Technology, Doug Mockett & Company, the Road Racing Drivers Club and, Chip Ganassi Racing, The Stellrecht Company, Chris Locke, Josef Newgarden Racing, CoForce, Polecat Training Academy, PrattMiller, Dyson Racing, PitFit Training, RaceCraft1, Sparco USA, Speedstar Management and Styled Aesthetic. Previous scholarship winners include Jimmy Vasser, Bryan Herta, Jerry Nadeau, Buddy Rice, Andy Lally, Phil Giebler, A.J. Allmendinger, J.R. Hildebrand, Dane Cameron, Josef Newgarden, Conor Daly, Connor De Phillippi, Spencer Pigot, Trent Hindman, Tristan Nunez, Oliver Askew and Kyle Kirkwood.

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Images courtesy of Gary Hawkins Photography.

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