This is a very special film for us, as it’s the first in a new series where the topic has been chosen by a guest driver editor!

We are delighted that our first driver editor is Indy 500 winner and 2016 IndyCar champion Simon Pagenaud, who has chosen the topic ‘How To Deal With Tough Times In Racing’

Picture the scene: you’ve just lost an easy race win by putting the car in the wall due to your own mistake. How do you bounce back from that?  

Here is why Simon thinks this is an important topic for young, aspiring drivers: 

In racing, we lose more than we win. Only a strong well-built head can recover the path of winning. I was curious for myself, as well as for my fellow competitors, to hear how other drivers have dealt with this.”

The front-page picture shows Simon destroying his Meyer-Shank IndyCar during practice at Mid-Ohio last July. His injuries forced him out for the remainder of the season, so “dealing with tough times” has been foremost in his recent career.

Like Pagenaud, it happens to the best. Here’s Fernando Alonzo in his wadded-up McLaren at the 2016 Australian GP in Melbourne.

In this film, the drivers offering their insight include Jack Aitken, Connor De Phillippi, Katherine Legge, Ben Barnicoat, Matt Ball and Mikkel Jensen.

Check it out.

Bobby Rahal

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