For once, a major driver move is not the current talk of the Formula 1 “silly season”. It’s the announcement last week that Adrian Newey is departing Red Bull after 17 seasons. For the short term, Newey will be overseeing the pre-production details of the Red Bull Advanced Technologies hypercar – his brainchild, the RB17, which will feature the full array of ground effects developed to perfection over the years by the master aerodynamicist.

Newey at his iconic drafting table.



Newey’s legacy of championship-winning designs at Williams (1991-96), McLaren (1997-2005) and Red Bull (2006-24) encompass to date a total of 13 World Driving Championships, a dozen Constructor’s titles, 217 grand prix victories and 253 pole positions.

His ultimate destination is the subject of a level of speculation unique to Formula 1. Names that have cropped up so far include Ferrari and Aston-Martin with hints about Mercedes, McLaren, Williams and Sauber. Right now, it’s all great fun; and Adrian is playing his cards close to the vest. After all, he’s got an extended period of “gardening leave” to complete.

The RB17

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