As Indianapolis Motor Speedway’s official ‘Wreath Lady’, Julie Vance is usually accustomed to making things to be presented to other people. But after 33 years and counting of making the BorgWarner Victory Lane Wreath for the Indianapolis 500, she found herself on the receiving end on Tuesday when her contributions were recognized with a special signed and framed poster.

With Vance having created the Victory Lane Wreath for the first time in 1992, it fell to that year’s winner, Al Unser Jr, to do the honors.

“You just don’t know what Indy means!” Unser joked. “It means very special things to different people, but Indy connects us all! It was great meeting Julie – history connects us forever and it’s through the Indianapolis 500. My first win was her first Victory Lane Wreath – something neither of us will ever forget. Julie’s work is so cool – she’s done a super job every single year. Photos of the BorgWarner Victory Lane wreath appear yearly on TV, and in newspapers and magazines, it’s something to be proud of, for sure.”

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